Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh The Horror

In keeping with the tradition of before and after pictures, I have decided to show you my bedroom in all its glory. You should feel privileged (if you don't just feel pity for me) because no one gets to see the bedroom in real life. In addition to being a magnet for crap, it is depressingly stark. Not at all inviting. I envision a room where I can cuddle under my covers and watch television or use the laptop. I know people say you are not supposed to do these things in your bedroom but I want to. I answered all of my journal questions last night and brought out the measuring tape to assess the furniture situation. But doesn't it always seem like one project is dependent on finishing another project? I can't move the armoire until I have a place for the clothes and I can't move the television until I move the armoire. Vicious circle. I am so excited about the possibility of having a serene space of my own though. I spent all morning looking at bedding. My plan is to find a duvet cover I love and then pick out a color from that. I did find a king size down alternative comforter at Macy's for $99 and today until the 8th you can save 20% if you wear red. Awesome. I know you've been waiting for me to stop writing so you can see my shame. OK here it is:


L Harris said...

LOL! Thanks for your honesty, Jennifer! :) Can't wait to see the transformation.

Marie said...

I'm going to post my before and after photos together...that will help me feel less embarassed!! At least it looks like you have a bigger bedroom than I you have more potential for beautiful things...I am looking forward to seeing our progress!!