Monday, January 26, 2009

Mission Impossible Accomplished

Some of you have seen my rants about the state of my house and specifically my kitchen counters (if you have not stopped reading yet because you are tired of rants). Saturday I decided enough was enough! I just started cleaning the kitchen counter and as a bonus I cleaned out the junk drawer! I had to step up my game since Marie has been organizing like a demon. It's more the spirit of cooperation than competition. Here's the photographic evidence (lest you think I'm just lying to make myself look better):



So cathartic. Why didn't I do this before? I've just realized though, your space has to be a complete mess in order to feel the accomplishment of getting it together. That's my excuse anyway.


Sara said...

Nice job. Hey, are those wine colored paint swatches? What are you thinking of painting?

Marie said...

Hooray Jennifer!! Way to go!!

I do believe that people who do not allow their homes to get into complete messes probably do not have the sense of satisfaction we do in organizing ourselves, right? :)

I have been a lazy demon over the weekend...too many other things going on. I glanced at my to do list on the kitchen and am starting to get panicky, since I have only six days left on the kitchen...if I follow my husband's rules...and I am anxious to get onto our shambles of a bedroom.